Demolition Services

Before each demolition service is done, we start with an asbestos inspection to prevent injury to anyone involved in the demolition. At Bartman Excavating/Demolition, Inc., we can handle demolition of any type of building or structure, including mechanical demolition and multistory buildings.

commercial demolition servicesDemolition Services

  • Total and complete demolition
  • Completely dust free
  • Asbestos surveys included with demolition
  • Mechanical demolition
  • No explosives
  • Multistory buildings
  • Homes
  • Commercial businesses

And more . . .

Our Demolition Process

  • 1) Utilities must be disconnected.
  • 2) Water/sewer service must be terminated at that time, so we can secure the permit.
  • 3) Once we have the permit, all inspections are included along with the job, right up until final inspection.
  • 4) Final inspection removes that structure.

Our pricing is highly competitive, our results are fast and professional, and we maintain a completely dust-free site. Call Bartman Excavating/Demolition, Inc. today at 810-736-2330 or email us for any and all of your excavation and demolition services.

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